Thom O

Patrick did a FANTASTIC job on our house last Christmas!  He is knowledgeable, reliable, and has great artistic vision!  Can’t wait to see how it  turns out this time, as we are adding a bit every year.  All of our neighbors were so envious!

– Thom O, Hopkinton, NH

Derek G

Patrick is an artist and true professional when it comes to his lighting design and installation. His pricing is very fair and the results are nothing short of perfection. I would highly recommend his services. Save the time and energy related to doing it yourself and leave it to the experts at Lights Up!

– Derek G

Bridget M

Patrick is a complete professional as well as personable. As an honest and hard worker, he treats every installation as though the client is a personal friend or even family member. My holiday season is enjoyed that much more knowing I don’t have to hassle with the fuss of decorating! Great things ahead for this guy and his startup business!

– Bridget M

Ryan F

Patrick came to our house last and I highly recommend. Professional and his work is fantastic! You have a customer for life!

– Ryan F

Chiggy K

Second year for me, makes my business very welcoming looking. He also did my interior then with my personal touches makes me have one of the prettiest decorated restaurants in town. Thanks Pat for a job well done.

– Chiggy K

Kevin C

Pat does amazing work. I can’t wait for him to come to New Jersey and decorate my house.

– Kevin C

Lisa L

Awesome services !! Takes care of everything and makes it beautifully lit up !!! Looking forward to the next season !!

– Lisa L

Barbara V

Pat does a fantastic job, excellent service, very professional, Can’t wait to see what he does this year.

– Barbara V